Asterisk max simulataneous calls

Dear Friends,

I have got a great problem with my asterisk server, i have received a great number of calls yesterday
and i got this error message:
timerfd_timer_open: sFailed to create timerfd timer: Too many open file

and most calls are rejected by my asterisk server.

I run asterisk 1.8 on centos 6.3
Processor information Intel® Xeon® CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz, 16 cores
Real memory 23.59 GB total, 1.22 GB used
Local disk space 1.79 TB total, 133.71 GB used
Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.32-71.29.1.el6.x86_64 on x86_64

I run asterisk with the user asterisk not root.

Please help me to increase the number off simultaneous calls for example ( 600 calls).

Best Regards
Mettichi Bassem

ulimit -n before starting Asterisk. There may be limits to what can be set. Also, some versions of Asterisk have problems with large values because they use the select system call, which cannot handle very large numbers of file descriptors.

Each channel will normally use several file descriptors.

Whilst we don’t have anything like that number of calls, my gut feeling is that 600 really needs multiple machines.