Asterisk makemenuselct missing installation

Build 18-Cert
OS: CentOs 7
Hello everyone, i made a script to install all my pre-req asterisk and tools.
For some reason, when i set:

make menuselect.makeopts
menuselect/menuselect --enable cdr_pgsql menuselect.makeopts
menuselect/menuselect --enable chan_sip menuselect.makeoptseopts
menuselect/menuselect --enable app_macro menuselect.makeoptseopts
make menuselect.makeopts

the only one installed is the APP_MACRO all other like cdr_pgsql - chan_sip
I need to make menuselect and then set the both and do a new make install.

Someone can help me make this works ? please :smiley:

If you are using a certified version, you should be using the commercial support contract that comes with it. However, I would note that the use of chan_sip is not supported by such contracts, and so not by the certified versions.

Thank you so much for you apointment, but we are using this for a reason, i mean chan_sip.
All what i want is run the script to auto install all the purpose i need =)

menuselect/menuselect --enable app_voicemail --enable IMAP_STORAGE


found this on asterisk 18cert docs.
Solved =)

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