Asterisk Logging Question

In asterisk 1.8 our verbose logging files showed placed calls, whether they rang, were answered as well as errors . It was like a snaphot of the CLI.

We have since moved to Asterisk 11.2 and no matter what I try, the logging information is just errors and hosts that re-register even under verbose.

Does anyone know how to get the logging back to what I was seeing in the older version? It literally was a file that contained the events on the cli for that day.



Did the dialplan on your 1.8 box have LOG or VERBOSE statements in it to cause the output that your Asterisk 11 box doesn’t?

Nothing in the dialplan. I just enabled the types that I wanted in the logger.conf file

Have you tried setting verbosity and debug levels in asterisk.conf?

You are looking at the ‘full’ log I assume?

No, but I am going to do so tonight and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted

The verbose logs only contain warnings and notices. What I used to be able to see was calls being made who called who, did the answer, was it ringing etc… It was like a mirror of the cli so I could look this information up if a client asked for it. Now all I see are the notices and warnings and can only tell a call was placed by looking at the master .csv file and then I cannot tell any details about the call itself.


Do you still have the logger.conf for the old machine?

You could try doing an entry for ‘*’ to a file and seeing what that gets you.