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Hi everyone, I need information.
If I wanted to create an Asterisk-based PBX server (physical pbx solution), developing my own configuration interface, would the GPLv2 license allow me to sell this solution?
Thank you all.

Yes, the GPLv2 allows you to sell your solution… just as long as you provide your customers with a copy of the source code, and that anything linked against the GPLv2 code is also licensed under the GPLv2.

Also, I’m not an attorney and don’t play one on the internet, so you should probably seek competent legal representation in your local area for better legal advice than you’ll find on the internet.

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Thank you @jsmith! I was looking for a confirmation for what I’ve understood. But you’re right, I’ll seek a legal representation!
Thank you again.

Sorry again, in that case do you think that code for my custom interface (that doesn’t modify any piece of Asterisk core, but it is software running on the same hardware interacting with Asterisk) should be distributed under GPLv2?
Thanks a lot.

If your code is not linked with library under GPL license no. Check this page if you want more informations about asterisk license:

But imagine you want to create a module inside asterisk for your web interface, this module need to be release under GPLv2 to people you distribute your software.

Speaking very generally here (and not giving legal advice), the GPLv2 says that derivative works and code linked against a GPLv2 application need to be licensed under the GPLv2.

Not knowing anything about your application or how it interacts with Asterisk, I can’t give you any more specific details than that.

Thank you very much @quintana!

Thanks a lot @jsmith!

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