Asterisk killed

hi all,
Please help me , I install astersik 1.8.32 on redhat 5.5 enterprise and it runs well …
after some days (or some hours ) astersik get killed . and it can’t be run .
when I want to make “service asterisk start” I get “ERROR: /usr/sbin/asterisk not found”

when I make " which astersik" I get :
/usr/bin/which: no astersik in

when I made “asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvv” … I get
-bash: asterisk: command not found

Could you please help me to solve this problem ?

Not an Asterisk problem. Nothing in Asterisk and nothing it can reasonably do will cause its own binary to be removed.

I would consider faulty disk hardware, seriously corrupt file systems, over zealous security software, a buggy rootkit, etc.

Hi David55 ,
thank you for your fast reply ,
I have considered there was an error in Hard Disk , so I have been installed asterisk on other server … and the same problem occurs !

on the other hand … How about “zealous security software”,over zealous security software" and ,"buggy rootkit " you advised .
How can I check them please .

By understanding a lot about your operating system configuration. In particular rootkits don’t want to be found.

Basically this is not something that would happen unless something is seriously wrong, and Asterisk doesn’t contain the code to do it itself.

How are you installing asterisk? from source code or ISO? I’m not aware of any official ISO for redhat so I guess you are installing it from source code. If so, I suggest you to re-install your OS and make sure that you will download its latest ISO. If it failed again, why not giving official ISOs a try? download it from, OS is CentOS but you’d at least find out that it’s either a hardware or software issue. Sometimes trying to reinstall everything would be much easier and cheaper than finding the root of problem.