Asterisk is not taking any action against call files


I use call files to send multiple calls. I send call files to “/var/spool/asterisk/outgoing” folder and after sending files to outgoing folder everything depends on aseterisk. It’s the duty of asterisk to take appropriate action against call files and delete it.
call files look like this:

[code]Set: PassedInfo=77745861779605919826498000-Bhanukumar_jain_592_1368785705-29-relnew-0-592-919826498000
Channel: SIP/bypass/919826498000
CallerID: 919301354227
Context: try
Extension: 919826498000
Priority: 1

StartRetry: 17972 1 (1368791136)[/code]

I don’t set StartRetry. How StartRetry Comes here ?
Sometimes asterisk doesn’t take any action against call files. Asterisk doesn’t delete files from outgoing folder. why so ?

Asterisk clearly is taking action and is obviously failing. Asterisk has copious logging to allow you to see why it is failing.

Personally, as a victim of many unwanted calls from outbound call centres, I’m reluctant to provide much more help without clear evidence that your call recipients want to receive the calls. I generally feel that outbound centres should always pay for their support.

…ohkays…and I am not adding StartRetry: 17972 1 (1368791136) in call files.
It added automatically ?