Asterisk integration in Kamailio

Hi there!

I’m new in the VoIP world but I really want to learn to use this kind of software for deploy it somewhere is needed. Well after this mini-presentation I’m going to show my problem:

I looked up for tutorials-guides of how to install kamailio with asterisk or vice versa, as you want, the thing is that I found a lot of material but is obsolete.

I noticed that now, Asterisk is using SQLite as a maindb system, well, until I know, Kamailio uses mysql for organise his data. Is mandatory that both systems uses the same db? I guess that yes because if Asterisk pretends to be a complement to Kamailio for improve the base service… will be there some dependence.

So, how can I integrate the last version of Kamailio with the last version of Asterisk?

Is there some updated guide?

Thanks a lot in advance.



Go to the website of Daniel Constantin Mierlo, his companies website ( has a nice knowledgebase with tutorials.

Take a look at

Think you will find what you need.

Good luck.