Asterisk with Kamailio


I am trying to learn about the features Kamailio can add to my asterisk PBX and I hope someone can answer my question (Please note that I am working with Asterisk ARI). From what I understood, Kamailio can be set up to register all my PJSIP endpoints or SIP trunk and will route them to my Asterisk PBX, in addition to user authentication and security. My question is:

  1. If I have a high number of subscribers and call traffic, can Kamailio help to handle the call routing to my Asterisk PBX, please note that while testing my setup with high number of calls the web-socket between my Asterisk PBX and stasis ARI application sometimes can get disconnected and that brings us to my second question.

  2. While reading that Kamailio has a web-socket module, can Kamailio be used between my Asterisk PBX and my Stasis ARI application in order to provide the web-socket connection my application needs to connect to my PBX, or is it used to load balance between other instances of my PBX when there is high traffic.

Here is an example of where my Kamailio could be in order to boost my subscriptions and calls:

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