Asterisk@Home Xlight and Linksys PAP-2

Hi there … i am a dumb at Asterisk… i just got it up and running and I am as far as setup extensions and putting a route for the outbound… the problem that i am having is that i have setup an extension the Linksys PAP ATA and one on Xlite … the problem is that i can call softphone from the ATA but when i call the linksys ATA it dosent ring … plz guide me … thnaks in advance and also can anyone tell me how to transfer the call to an external PSTN from hard phone or softphone

I have the same problem. Please if anyone can help. PAP2 is using G726 codec. If i change the codec to g711u, the PAP2 phone rings but if i change the codec to g726 and try to call pap2 phone, i get a 488 “Not acceptable here” message. Please help.