Asterisk and Linksys PAP2T


I have asterisk i am trying to configure the two extensions in the linksys PAP 2T devices, which has lines. i use g729a codec in asterisk and in linksys too…

i have configured in a single line. it is working fine. i configured in second line too and it got registered to the asterisk now. so two extensions registerd to asterisk with g729 codecs.

I am not able to call from one of extensions when the the other extension (port) in Linksys PAP 2t is engaged with anothere call…

I hope the Linksys PAP 2t supports the two extensions. But as for my configuration , i am not able to make simtaneous call from the two ports…

It will be much helpfull, if any one can through your inputs to fix the same.

Thanks in advance

i have a PAP2 and call between ports all the time. have you set each line to register using different port numbers ? e.g. 5060 and 5061.

what does CLI > sip show peers look like ?

when i do cli sip show peers, it say one extension in 5061 and another in 2099 ports…


even i checked with line 1 and line 2 , it is set as 5060 and 5061.

i have configured the both line for g729 codecs and tested, i am only able to make call from one of the ports at a time…

asterisk cli > incompatible codecs…

When i use twoi different codecs for the two different lines… it worked fine… i am abel to make calls from the two ports…

But my constraint , is i have to use g729 codecs for the two ports…

Pleas help me to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance

Check with hardware vendor, only one line has codec license (best guess)

The PAP2 has an undersized DSP which cannot support two compressed calls at once. However, you can make one compressed and one uncompressed (G.711) or two uncompressed calls simultaneously.



Can i do some thing to make this thing happen?

Thanks in advance

To make what happen? The PAP2 cannot be made to handle two compressed calls. If you can deal with one compressed channel and one uncompressed, then you’ll just need to reconfigure one of them to use G.711. If you must have two simultaneous compressed calls you will need a different interface because it is impossible on the PAP2.


is it possible to use g723.1 in channel and g729 in another channel? for simultaneous transaction…


To my understanding (and as I stated in my previous messages):

The PAP2 cannot handle two simultaneous compressed calls. It doesn’t matter if you use different compression schemes on the two channels. It only has enough DSP horsepower to do one compressed channel at a time. So, no, this device simply will not do what you want it to do.