Asterisk has invalid queue members

On the command ‘queue show’ i get my members listed…

OOH323/123 with penalty 10 (dynamic) (Invalid) has taken no calls yet
OOH323/789 with penalty 10 (dynamic) (Unknown) has taken no calls yet

Firstly, i was wondering if someone could explain the words that appear in the brackets. What other options could there be other than invalid and unknown?

I’ve noticed Asterisk marking all entries as invalid after a restart… this stops me from calling the agents which i don’t want. If i log a new agent in then all the members will be relisted as Unknown and now i can call all my agents. This seems very strange behavior… possibly a bug!?

Could someone throw some light on the matter?



OK so it’s all about device status. Why does Asterisk mark all devices as invalid after a restart? Is there any way to change this behavior? Surely marking a device as ‘unknown’ and then determining the status when the device is used is a better way of doing things… :question:

Yes, there is a bug report about: .


Marco Bruni

mbruni you are a star :smiley: