Asterisk Hardware Requirements

My company is moving office’s and currently looking for a new phone solution. I was wondering if anybody could help me with find out what typ of hardware i would need in order to setup a VOIP Asterisk box that will support up to 150 employees.

Also this will system will link to our office’s in London and Honk Kong to minimize phone call costs.

Thanks in advance

I would recommend having a look at this book here: … +Telephony

Also available as an online download. There is a good section in there on sizing.

In order to provide you with any meaningful estimates here, we would need a lot more info. Such as:

  • Number of inbound/outbound lines
  • VoIP use vs TDM (ie - E1/T1)
  • Number of simultaneous calls and users online at once
  • What Asterisk apps will be used?
    • Voicemail
    • Conferencing
    • Queuing
  • Will external apps be integrated via AGI/Manager API
  • etc

In otherwords, we would need to understand more about your intended use and peak usage statistics. Sizing Asterisk, as is the case with much software, is an in-exact science.