Asterisk GUI Voicemail Access

Is there any way to access voicemail via Asterisk GUI? I installed Asterisk on my Synology NAS via their supported plugins and I have Asterisk setup how I want except I am unable to access my voicemail accounts. I previously had a Trixbox setup that allowed me to do this, is it not possible via Asterisk GUI, or am I just missing something?

ye olde asterisk-gui doesn’t have a user-interface portal for anything, including voicemail access.

Is there an easy way to add on this functionality? I’m pretty much just using Asterisk for Voicemail so it’d be annoying to use a softphone just to administer voicemail. Or maybe is there an easy way to just setup my voicemail box to automatically delete voicemails over a certain age?

Try the old vmail.cgi; not sure what your platform offers, but it was a basic web based voicemail interface.