Asterisk gui http pages


what’s the root for the asterisk gui, this is related to a four zero four error?
Or is there a log somewhere for it?



If you are getting the “404 Not Found” error,- and you are seeing a blank page,look at my post for “GUI does not have correct privileges” -should just be a few posts down from this post. I run into the '404 Not found 'error ( which I think is your problem),this explain the directory you remove and then you do a symlink after deleting the one directory,and now I am getting a log in error after being able to “see” the login page.
brcisna is the poster.

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Barry … /gui-guide

I found this a good starting point,
I also tried lsof


So, did you get your 404 error resolved? I did not quite understand from your second post here?

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