Asterisk GUI 2.0.4 - Voice Menu Only Accepts 1 Digit

Asterisk 1.4.21 with Asterisk GUI 2.0.4

Used the default 4-digit extension ranges given on
the Options page of the GUI.

Did the following in the GUI:

  • Clicked on the Dial Plans link and created a default dial plan including all contexts and calling rules.
  • Clicked on the Users link and created several users using the default extensions.
  • Clicked on the Trunks link and created an Analog Trunk for my FXO card.
  • Clicked on the Voice Menu Prompts link and recorded a Voice Menu Prompt to “dial 6000 for Ralph, 6001 for Edna…”.
  • Clicked on the Voice Menus link and created a Voice Menu tied to ext 7000 (the default) and added in the following order: Answer, Digit Timeout of 5, Response Timeout of 20, Background using my recording from above, WaitExten of 10, and used Allow Keypress Events to set ‘i’ to go back to the menu and ‘t’ to one of the extensions.
  • Clicked on Incoming Calling Rules and created a rule to send the FXO trunk calls to my voice menu.

It all seems to work but when the message is playing and I try to dial a user’s extension (like 6000) it loops back to the beginning of my menu because it’s only accepting the 6 and sees it as an invalid extension. (The output of the CLI says 6 is an invalid extension.)

I know I could probably manually edit something in the extensions.conf file to fix this but I’d like to get this working using the GUI. Did I miss a step in the GUI when I was setting it up or did I select something wrong on one of the pages when I was setting it up?

Problem solved.

In the VoiceMenu setup window,
check the "Allow Dialing Other Extensions"