Asterisk from Asterisk@home

I was using asterisk@home, but a friend helped me switch to Asterisk. It works great, however just a few things with @home were nice.

Is there a way to view a call log file/in/out/missed like @home had?


You can look at the call log, comma delimited format, in this location:


File called Master.csv - not very pretty but there are tools out there to import it into whatever you want.

Brad Rose

Thak you, could you advise of a program that will import this? I did a google seach and could not find anything.


Hi citizenkane,
can you tell me which files, I have to transfer from Asterisk@Home to Asterisk?
thanks :smile:


just about any program that can handle data. It is a comma delimitted file. You can import it into your database of choice, your spreadsheet of choice, etc.


Hi p_lindheimer,
thank you for your answer but can you explain me how to do this ?
can I just replace conf files in /etc/asterisk ?
because I don´t know how to do this with the database…

the files should be there, and if they are also still being stored in mysql in addtion to the comma delimitted file then you can pull them from the database.


okey I understand now, but i’m just wondering about the link between conf files (in /etc/asterisk) and the database ? if I modify a conf file, this modification is also done in the database or… ?

you need to go read up on the wiki about how all this works.

Asterisk runs out of the conf files and doesn’t know anyting about any mysql databases, unless you are specifically runing realtime mode. The databases that you had with AAH were part of AMP/freePBX and were used to generate the conf files that Asterisk uses to configure and run.


waouh! OK!
thank you! :d