Asterisk freezes

Hi Guys,
I am having an issue with my asterisk installation where the whole system just seems to hang up. I have asterisk 16.16.0 installed on an ubuntu server 18.04 on a Dell T40 Machine. All my SIP are stored in a MySQL Database. It randomly just stops functioning but my asterisk server is still PINGable on the network and when I run the “sip show peers” command it will show zero registered devices. when this happens theres nothing I cant do but to reboot the whole system.

Any ideas where I could start checking for any possible cause of this issue?

Can you show us some logs from your Asterisk?
I would start by looking at your /var/log/asterisk/messages logs.

Hi @wesly1988 unfortunately there is absolutely no indication of an error on the asterisk logs, all I see is that some call being processed and hang up properly then the next entry on the log is when the system is booting after being restarted . The issue happened 4x already since my posting of this issue and the only real solutions so far was to reboot the asterisk server.

In that case, you are looking for what the logs say you were doing immediately before the crash.

Also, you previously said that it freezes, but you are now saying it restarts.

@aysman if you share the log here, we can take a look to help you look in the right directions.

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