Asterisk for Voice Call Conference

Hi All,

We are new to Call Conferencing, hence in this regards we need help for Conference call for at-least 25 peoples. So, in this regards can anybody let me know exactly which Asterisk product we required & what will be the system requirement, step by step installation guide or configuration guide etc.

Kindly do the reply for our this query asap.

Thanks & Regards,
Jayesh Chikane

Step by step and asap means that you need to hire someone so for expedite response place the amount of what are you willing to pay for this job.

In the other hand you can use Asterisk LTS versions 11 or 13. To deploy it follow this link

In case you dont want to deal with Asterisk dialplan coding and confbridge’s configuration files , you could use existing solutions based on Asterisk. But those third party product are not supported on this comunity , so if you choose one of them you will need to ask any question in their respective communities.

Here you have some examples