Asterisk Fax?

I have a IAX provider and asterisk server. Are there any applications out there that support fax over IAX? I keep finding articles that say no, but I’m wondering if anyone had any success or horror stories.

Peter Borghard

Well when i did my fax setup about 2 years ago that was possible with some software. There is some way to do it with SIP using the T.38 codec. (But your provider need to support it) In general fax and voip does not work that well together! There is some way around it . If you want to know here is my setup :
Receiving FAX :
T1->Zaptel card -> asterisk -> iaxmodem -> Hylafax
Sending Fax :
fax->Sipura ATA that support T.38->SIP->Asterisk->Zaptel card->T1

Hope it help for any other information I recommend you :