Asterisk Fax Center

Dears Experts,

I am developing a Fax Center in which I am going to receive documents from others using mail, mms containing content to be sent and receiver fax number (Fax Machine e.g) which are going to be stored to my machine then using Asterisk I am going to FAX them to telephone lines…

My Questions are:
1- Can I have my telephone line(s) connected to Digium Card ports to do this process, for example I need to connect my 4 telephone lines to Digium Card ports through Asterisk to Send Faxes to other telephone numbers (e.g Local Numbers)…

2- Can I have each port send more than one FAX at a time (1 Channel for each request)

3- What is the recommended Digium Card Name for this purpose?

4- Last, Is there any tutorial to help me perform such a process?