Asterisk fail to send termination signal on endpoint deletion

So, l have A call B, and B accept the call. Then B force closed the app, and l see in asterisk console that asterisk knows B’s endpoint is now unreachable and should be deleted, but asterisk never sent SIP BYE to A to let A know that B is no longer reachable. ls there some sort of configuration l can do to handle this corner case?

B is only unreachable for signalling. The media path may not even be through Asterisk, and may still be good. Asterisk doesn’t want to break a good media connection.

You can set short RTP timeouts to detect the loss of the media connection, if it is going through Asterisk.

If you do want a fall back to clear the call, you should enable session timers.

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in case other people have the same need and wandered into this post, it is the “rtp_timeout” configuration under [endpoint] in pjsip.conf

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