Endpoint unreachable

Hello, everyone.
When I dial out to a large number of phones (autodialer), my endpoint in a while becomes unavailable. How to fix it? The message is Could not create dialog to invalid URI … Is endpoint registered and reachable? Unable to create channel of type ‘PJSIP’ (cause 3 - No route to destination)

what is your load are you maxing out the system ?

Now I have 20 simultaneous calls. Asterisk takes 3 to 8 percent (top command). I Wireshark the dump shows the 483 error, as if something is blocking me.

483 is too many hops…

You need to provide more information… like the wireshark dump you are talking about.
Without info… no help…

Yes, I have taken a dump. Sorry, the error is 487. I am attaching a diagram from Wireshark.

Still cant help you with a graphical representation of a call flow…

If you need help you need to provide information… Like the pcap file.

Cannot upload the pcap file. The max size is 4 megabytes. Removed the link.

I have checked the load with the core show taskprocessors command. There is no queue on any process. Can there be any rule on the SBC side to limit the number of concurrent calls per endpoint or similar?

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