Asterisk (ezstream) Conference Streaming mp3

Noticed several wiki’s regarding this topic. Was able to get a conference streaming using .ogg with icecast and ices2 no problem, however when I tried to roll out the mp3 stream I ran into some snafus.

The wiki found explains the process using an EAGI script. But it isn’t clear where where this script is to reside and so on. Assuming that it should be in agi-bin (/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin). If that is correct then the issue I’m having is the dial plan. I’m using freePBX so the entry would be in extensions_custom which would be fine but I’m a little confused on the example dial plan.

Any help would be appreciated for any and all that have successfully implemented streaming a conference using mp3.

No love?

Thought this would be an easy topic actually.

Really kind of desperate to get this working!

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Is there really no one that has streamed a conference using mp3.

I’d be real surprised if that were the case. Really could use some help with this, running out of time.

I assume that you are trying to stream an MP3 from a MeetMe() conference ??

You were able to get an .ogg stream ??

Reading the voip-info link, when you run EAGI use a full path as in EAGI(/usr/local/

Let me know how you go.
ps. No I haven’t stramed a conference call…yet.
pps. scream was I typo, that I decided to leave as there may have been something freudian there :smiley:

Kind of changed gears on this and went with the ogg file anyway.

Going to come back to this probably at some point as I want to get this working in mp3 format just for the simple fact that mp3 is an accepted format for nearly all media players where ogg is not.

I ended up streaming it to another source which then slings it out to shoutcast as an mp3. In the end the ogg format didn’t matter simply because the broadcast software could accept any format and that allowed me to add other media to the stream prior to output.

Like I said I’m going to revisit this in about a week again.