Asterisk extensions

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Is it possible to call one extension through the other and in a dynamic way? for example if i want to call extension 101 through 103? is there any kind of configuration that i can use for it? Imagining that it is possible to configure 103XXX? So would it be possible that when i call 103101 i would dial 103 and then 103 would dial other extension that i introduce (in this case 101)?

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I don’t understand the question!

Also, could you please be very careful in using extension and device correctly, as I’m not sure to what extent extension, here, relates to a a piece of hardware, rather than a number in extensions.conf.

what i tried to say, is i define 3 extensions: 101,102 and 103.
I want that 103 will be the middle term intervenient, so everytime 101 and 102 wants to talk with each other, they have to pass through 103, is it possible? and can 103 controls the call?

The question still doesn’t make sense.

Extensions can’t talk to each other. Devices can talk to devices and the calling device can use an extension to identify the called devices.

I’m guess that this is some sort of broker arrangement, where device A calls extension 102. Device B has two lines. A call to extension 102 connects device A to the first line on device B, where B does not depend on the extension, and also originates a call between the second line on device B to device C, which does vary according to the extension used.

The use of device B then uses the capabilities of that device to switch between the two lines.

There may also be ways of doing it which calls are alternately parked within Asterisk, e.g Device A is connected to device B and a call is originated to device C, which is then parked. Feature codes from device B cause the current call on device B to be parked and the call to device C to be connected, and vice versa.

ok, thanks for the information :wink:

Both the scenarios I described should be achievable. Providing device B supports two lines, the first one should be fairly straightforward. There will be quite a bit of devil in the detail in the second one.

if you don’t mind, i have another question, imagine a scenario that i have a device A (endpoint) that wants to talk with the device Z(endpoint) through P (gateway), however the device Z belongs to the gateway of device L, like device X and Y, so Z, X and Y are all listening the conversations of each others and are all connected (they are in a conference). How can i inform device Z and device A to meet each other in another gateway for example gateway P to have a private call.