Asterisk events and call manager


I have a problem with receiving events to the call manager.
What I’m trying to do is to call a phone, and as soon as I get a ringing tone, I want to hangup.
Therefore I’m trying to get the NewChannelEvent with state ringing.

When I use SIP, everything is fine, the event shows up just like it should, but when I’m using a SIP VOIP provider or a Zap (aculab) card, the event is not comming to the call manager.

I can see in the asterisk console that the card event is occuring, and the card driver then sends AST_CONTROL_RINGING to the asterisk queue.

Ufortulately the event is not passed by the call manager.
The only events that are sent are:

net.sf.asterisk.manager.event.NewChannelEvent, State:Down

When I’m calling using local SIP phone, the events go through:
net.sf.asterisk.manager.event.NewChannelEvent: State: Down
net.sf.asterisk.manager.event.NewChannelEvent: State: Ringing

Is there some configuration file in asterisk that needs to be changed in order for zap channels to report the NewChannelEvent every time?