Asterisk Echo (VoIP only)

I have a few different versions out there from 1.0.7 to 1.4.0. I have a user that is reporting an echo problem. I am researching how to solve their issue, but everything that I see about echo cancelling deals with PSTN settings. I am a pure-VoIP provider, therefore have no PSTN equipment (PRI or FXO cards) on which I can change settings. How do I go about identifying the true source of the echo and getting rid of it?

It has been quite tricky to nail down as the main customer I’m testing on reports the problem, but I have yet to experience it when I go to their house.

echo happens in analog circuits. chances are if he has an echo problem, it’s either coming from the analog side at his house (IE if he has an ATA that is sometimes turning off echo cancel) or from the provider.

I would suggest either give him a real IP phone or look at the ATA- upgrade its firmware, make sure the settings are all right, maybe reset it to factory default and reconfigure, try turning off fax tone detect EC disable if it has that option.

I initially had an FXS v2.0 by at the customer’s site, but swapped it out with an IAXy because I have had other IAXys out there that work just fine.

I’m not aware of the IAXy having any such configurable options. It is also of my understanding that Asterisk automatically downloads firmware to the IAXy. I am using, but at the direction of Digium support, I pulled one from SVN. That really didn’t change anything.