Asterisk DTMF issue

Hello friends,

I need help with DTMF detection issue!

Here is the scenario:

X-lite -> Nat -> Asterisk -> Nat -> GSM Gateway

When i call from x-lite, the call goes through perfectly through the nat’s to the gateways, i hear MEDIA both ways. Problem that the DTMF is not being detected.

When i talk to the GSM Gateway support, the say that the DTMF are being passed “through the media” and not as an RFC.

Please advise what does this mean? and how can this be done using asterisk 11. I have set the dtmfmode=rfc2388. i tried also all other options.

Thanks in advance!

dtmfmode is set wrongly, or the equivalent option in one of the peers is set wrongly.

I only have dtmfmode = rfc2833 in the [general] secntion. have nothing set on the peers dtmf wise.

Why is it set wrongly? and what is the right way to set it?

Your network operator is claiming that somewhere, e.g. on the X-Lite, it is set to the equivalent of inband.