Asterisk Dialplan Variable for blast dial answering

In my Dialplan I have something like this:

exten => 701,1,Dial(SIP/702&SIP/703&SIP/704&SIP/OutSideNumber@SipTrunk&SIP/OutsideNumber2@SipTrunk)
exten => 701,2,AGI()

What I am looking for is a variable that I can pass to an AGI Script that will tell me which of those numbers actually answered the call to extension 701. Is there such a critter?

This way it won’t work. You should try something like this (valid for Asterisk >= 1.6):

[code]exten => 701,1,Dial(SIP/702&SIP/703&SIP/704&SIP/OutSideNumber@SipTrunk&SIP/OutsideNumber2@SipTrunk,U(answeredchannel))

exten => s,1,NoOp(${CHANNEL(peername)}); The name of the peer which picked up the call
exten => s,n,AGI()
exten => s,n,Return