Asterisk Dialer advice

Good evening everyone…
Sorry for the banality of the question, but even though I’ve been using asterisk for a long time, I’ve never used certain features. So I’m asking for your help.

I’m building a system to provide emergency availability to a maintenance company.
There are a number of PLCs that will send an SMS to Asterisk in the event of an emergency.

The sms received initially generates 2 or more outgoing sms. And so far so good.
Then, obtaining data (names and so numbers) from a Mysql database, populated by several scripts taken data from gooogle calendars, the sequence of calls begins via a Voip number to people available for emergency services.

The call must go to one of the on-call service operators who, once answered, can decide whether or not to accept the job. He may not accept even by not answering.
By accepting the round of phone calls ends. not accepting or not answering the round of phone calls continues.

Consider that I have the data available in Mysql and with func_odbc I had already set up cycles and subroutines for the cycles.

The question is : how do i start the call from within asterisk so that the called party, answering, can listen to a message and dial a DTMF to accept or reject?

P.S. I had left this last part of the work for last because I thought I had developed it for a previous work, but the situation was different. An individual in an emergency called a number in Asterisk, which then forwarded the call to the first available operator available.

Call files and AMI are frequently used for this kind of task.

Yes. I wanted to try to stay completely within the Asterisk dialplan

That sounds to me rather like “I have a hammer and I know how to use it,
therefore I’m going to stare at this screw until it looks like a nail”.


Given that the trigger is arriving via a mechanism that runs dialplan, dialplan should be fine with the reservation that not all originate options are available through the dialplan application

I know…it was because it seemed more linear to me.
How would you develop it?

Using the originate dialplan application.

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