Asterisk DataBase Java API

I have a problem in Java Asterisk API with Asterisk DataBase

I tried to use “database show” command in Asterisk CLI. Afterward I have following message like

/test/count : 1

In this case, If I understood correctly.
“test” is family name
"count" is key
and “1” is value.
(Please correct me if I am wrong)


I am trying to read this record in Asterisk DB via Asterisk Java API
with this function

on the

I am trying to use

I am thinking I am supposed to get value from the instance of “dbResponse.getVal()”;

But in this case I have a “null” in “dbResponse.getVal()”;

If someone have idea what is the matter.

I did test on both Asterisk 1.4 and Asterisk 1.6. And my Asterisk Java lib is downloaded from with the version of 1.0.0.CI-SNAPSHOT

Thanks for your help