Asterisk/DAHDI/Linux version compatibility

Can anyone tell me where I can find the following information:
Which versions of Asterisk are compatible with which versions of DAHDI
Which versions of DAHDI are compatible with which versions of Linux server.

Thanks in advance

Asterisk should be broadly backwards compatible with DAHDI, but you should use the latest version of both unless you have a good reason not to. That said, unless you’re using a horribly obsolete version of either, the version of Asterisk shouldn’t really matter. DAHDI itself has not changed much in some time, apart from compilation fixes for newer kernel releases. DAHDI is somewhat broken in the repo at the moment due to Sangoma’s lack of maintenance of it, but you should be able to use it on most recent kernels (5.x, 6.x) (though possibly requiring out-of-tree patches to get it to compile).

Thanks for the quick response. The information you provided was helpful. I should have elaborated on why I asked the question. We have had Asterisk 11 on Ubuntu 16 server with dahdi 2.10.2 running in a totally analog environment since about 2016. The environment will remain totally analog. Ubuntu 16 is on extended security updates that will be ending in April 2024. We started looking at upgrading by testing dahdi 3.2.0 on Ubuntu server 20 and 22. Dahdi appeared to compile with no errors other than the normal SSL warnings, but the lsdahdi command would return nothing. The problem was our development machine. Our production machine has Digium A1 series cards in it but our development machine has an older TDM410P which in not supported in Dahdi 3. We will replace the card and plow on.

No need to replace your TDM410P. The drivers can be easily restored; install using PhreakScript: GitHub - InterLinked1/phreakscript: A utility to automate the installation, maintenance, and debugging of Asterisk/DAHDI, while integrating additional patches to provide the richest telephony experience

Thanks, I had no idea that Interlinked existed or that a project like PhreakScript existed.

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