Asterisk crashes occasionally after hangup

I use debian 8.4 i386 on VM
I have build latest asterisk 13.9.1 from source.
I also use FreePBX 13.0.137.
I use latest unixODBC (2.3.4) and mysql odbc connector (5.3.6)

Problem is, that some times it crashes. It can happen about 10 times in day.
It crashes always after hangup.

I recompiled asterisk with DONT OPTIMIZE and BETTER BACKTRACES.

backtrace is on paste bin:

This appears to be a result of the UnixODBC work that was done. Asterisk 13.10 should fix this issue[1].


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Thank you. I will wait for it.
But does version 13.1 certified have this problem?

No, the UnixODBC changes were added to 13.8 and did not appear in Certified 13.1.

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Thank you very much! I will try to run certified version then. Hope it works well!