Asterisk 13 stop working suddenly many times

I migrated an Asterisk 1.8 to v 13.3.2 few days ago.

All is working fine, no error in asterisk logs, and suddenly, Asterisk close.
Nothing showed on debug logs.

Looking syslog:

[code]> # zcat /var/log/syslog.?.gz| grep traps

Apr 15 13:09:07 pbx-02 kernel: [603059.714328] traps: asterisk[20071] general protection ip:7f83536c10d0 sp:7f8340a5c848 error:0 in[7f8353671000+2b7000]
Apr 15 13:26:40 pbx-02 kernel: [604112.654496] traps: asterisk[21424] general protection ip:7f27582c20d0 sp:7f2710f17848 error:0 in[7f2758272000+2b7000]
Apr 15 13:30:18 pbx-02 kernel: [604330.691161] traps: asterisk[21781] general protection ip:7f0bbddfc0d0 sp:7f0b77687768 error:0 in[7f0bbddac000+2b7000]
Apr 15 16:14:21 pbx-02 kernel: [614173.290194] traps: asterisk[21895] general protection ip:7f29fc31b0d0 sp:7f29fc0c13a8 error:0 in[7f29fc2cb000+2b7000]
Apr 15 16:31:14 pbx-02 kernel: [615186.342011] traps: asterisk[792] general protection ip:7fe7c82820d0 sp:7fe7813d9818 error:0 in[7fe7c8232000+2b7000]
Apr 15 17:14:45 pbx-02 kernel: [617797.727929] traps: asterisk[3987] general protection ip:7febe085c0d0 sp:7feb991ef5f8 error:0 in[7febe080c000+2b7000]
Apr 14 11:19:35 pbx-02 kernel: [510087.855985] traps: asterisk[4614] general protection ip:7fda5bb0e0d0 sp:7fda9566f818 error:0 in[7fda5babe000+2b7000]

I’m using ODBC, I don’t know why libmysqlclient is working. (Just enough modules loaded)
And I don’t know why this is failing and breaking asterisk service. … +Backtrace

However the failure is in a third party library, so could be a third party bug,