Asterisk core dump files


Does the Asterisk core dump files contain information that would expose my Asterisk or its users? We have an issue which we have managed to capture, however in a production system.

Now I can create a Github issue with the core dump and the necessary information but I cannot if it contains sensitive information.

The issue is of type and severity SEGFAULT


A core dump is a snapshot of the memory at the point in time, so yes. Generally a core dump is also not initially requested (and a core dump alone is useless) but a backtrace is. A backtrace is text that you can then modify, if needed, to hide any sensitive information.

Please also ensure that you are using a supported version of Asterisk[1] and the most recent version of the supported branch.

[1] Asterisk Versions - Asterisk Documentation

How do you suggest to create a backtrace of an issue that is random and cannot be replicated?

A backtrace is created from a core dump. The docs site has instructions[1].

[1] Getting a Backtrace - Asterisk Documentation

Alright, thank you Joshua. I’ll get to it.

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