Asterisk connection query

Greetings, All. I had Asterisk demostrated to me and I was in awe, but I have a concern.

The person uses FWD. As I understand it, FWD handles the call to the * box differently than a regular call. When I call his number, his * box does not answer and I can’t get into their * box even though it is powered up and connected 24/7.

He indicates that this is a FWD problem. Does FWD really have this much trouble, or might there be a config problem on one or both ends?

With my limited knowledge of *, I do have a couple of applications in mind, but I am not going to bother if I can’t connect two * boxes together or get FWD callers into *. What are other options?



It may be a bit of both of course. There is not enough information here to determine what the issue is. For example, when you say ‘call’, does he have a PSTN number with Libretel ( - a FWD service) or are you using a softphone, Pulver Communicator, etc? Also, FWD is more of a playground, testing environment than a rock solid commercial service. Therefore I would not depend on its reliability 24/7.

Lots of people use Asterisk wtih FWD, it is possible. There are plenty of other ways to connect Asterisk to the world, such as through other VoIP providers, other open proxies (ie - SIPPhone, etc.

Dry your chicken.

There are dozens - maybe hundreds - of internet telephony service providers around the world. Some are better than others. FWD is just one of them.

There’s a very incomplete list here: … +Providers