Asterisk Comilation issue in Ubuntu

I’ve downloaded source code of Asterisk from I’m getting error while compiling this from source code.
Please suggest prerequisites for asterisk which needed for compilation.

I’m getting this error while trying to make -

./ undefined reference to `CRYPTO_num_locks’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:321: recipe for target ‘asterisk’ failed
make[1]: * [asterisk] Error 1
Makefile:368: recipe for target ‘main’ failed
make: * [main] Error 2

Please suggest…

Asterisk should detect all this automatically. Therefore, we should look not in the prerequisites but more deeply into your system configuration. Either you found a bug and its solution would help not only you bit others as well. Or your system in a flux state and should be repaired. Therefore:

  1. Which Linux distribution do you use (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, …)?
  2. Which version of that distribution do you use?
  3. Which branch of Asterisk do you try to compile (13, 13-cert, or 15)? Which version exactly (like 13.18.2)?
  4. On a Terminal, when you enter
    openssl version
    Which version do you get?
  5. In your ./configure, was OpenSSL detected?