Asterisk cli questions

  1. can’ t execute aliases from .bashrc from Asterisk CLI
    fo example I have alias extconf in bash that executes nano /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf
    i’d like to use !extconf from asterisk, but it doesn’t work.

  2. I can’t add russian name (cid and company name) to AstDB from Asterisk cli. I have to use Linux bash and asterisk -rx …
    How to add support for russian?

3.sip show peers doesn’t show full line correctly if description is long: name, second name, surname.

  1. I’d consider it a security error if that worked.

  2. Don’t know.

  3. Have you checked if there is a verbose option. In any case, sip show peers is a debugging aid, not something that you should be using in normal operation.