Asterisk chan-h323 openh323 no audio but calls connect;

dt;9/28/2005 morning;
sbj: Asterisk chan-h323 openh323 no audio but calls connect;


I make calls which can start from calling party, ring and be answered by the called party, but have no audio in either direction.  When hung up, both ends recognizing disconnection.   I need tips on how to get audio to work.  

I do not see warnings or errors announcements in the 2 console windows for the respective Asterisk pbx-s.  H.323 debug shows what I would expect for normal signaling, identifying calling and called extension numbers and ip numeric addresses.  The Xlite soft phone shows ILBC codec highlighted, in keeping with my choices in h323.conf general section, as disallow all, allow ilbc gsm ulaw alaw.  Contexts are matched.  Calls ring through.  

For initial test, two pc-s running Asterisk are linked using h323.  Intent is to next have either of them link to Cisco voip gateways (such as AS5300 and others).  Both pc-s have a tdm400p analog telephony card from Digium (4 modules).  One is 2fxs/2fxo, second is 4fxo.

The path of a call starts from a sip soft phone or attached phone or regular pots phone line.  It goes to Asterisk, links by h323 to second Asterisk, then exits by analog phone or phone line.  Calls through 1 Asterisk only, without h323, work fully.  

OS is Suse8.0 Linux.  1 pc has Asterisk from late Feb.2005 cvs plus pwlib & openh323 versions as specified in Chanels/h323/README. 2nd pc has Asterisk from early to mid Aug2005 Cvs with pwlib and openh323 version similarly matched to it.  

I look forward to reading your comments on repair of this problem.  Preliminary digging showed that a similar issue may have been rased, summer 2004, but not fully solved.  What are further developments?  

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