OpenH323, 2 Asterisks , No Audio, ilbc ;

Sbj: OpenH323, 2 Asterisks , No Audio, ilbc ;

A connection between 2 pc-s with Asterisk is made with OpenH323.  Audio on connected calls is silent on both ends.  Calls through either single Asterisk work normally.  Versions of OpenH323 and Pwlib are specifically those specified by the respective Asterisks versions (cvs Feb and Aug 2005), according to README file in asterisk/channels/h323 directory.  OS is Linux: Suse 8.0.  Calls reach / leave Asterisks by zap - - TDM400P (fxo or fxs) or Xlite sip soft phone.  Codec ilbm is among those allowed, and Xlite shows it to be selected at sip end.  

How can this be repaired?

- - octimotor - - 9/28/2005;  morning;