Asterisk CDR_MYSQL

Kind regards, I am installing asterisk 16.2.0, when making the makeselect in the add-ons option it does not allow me to choose the check corresponding to “cdr_mysql”, it says that it is obsolete and when I try to load the module in asterisk, it tells me that does not exist (Because it has not been installed).

What can I do to get the cdr to work? I am using MariaDB as the database.

I hope you can help me, thank you very much


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You shouldn’t be installing that version as it is over two and a half years old. If you have started installing recently you should be installing 18.6.0, and even within Asterisk 16, you should be on 16.20.0.

depending Linux Distribution you using, you have to install devel mysql/mariaDB package and the compiling newly Asterisk PBX.

It was my mistake, I am using version 16.20.0

Thank you! This is the solution!