Asterisk, CallManager, and Fax Server

I am looking to implement a Fax Server solution that will allow my administrators and secretaries the ability to send and receive faxes via their email. We currently have two PRIs connected to an H323 gateway and a CallManager / Unity Connection solution. Does Asterisk have the ability to work in this environment and meet the needs described above? I know there is an additional license for concurrent faxes and that will not be a barrier to entry. I am most concerned about compatibility with our existing Cisco solution and whether or not Asterisk will meet our needs as a Fax server.

you can use hylafax for this scenario and use asterisk for sip trunk to call manager and send fax through your cisco gateways .
I tested the same scenario with CUCM v6 without any problem .

I second the opinion about HylaFAX - specifically HylaFAX+. I think for your application you’d use t38modem with it.