Send fax by asterisk vs by hylafax

I need send lot of fax every day with multiple pages
Asterisk (v19) can consider for this, or I must use with Hylafax?

Asterisk provides a SendFax dialplan application to send faxes. You would need to do testing and see if it works to an acceptable level for you.

Thanks. I ask for experience, there is somebody use SendFax hevelly ?

Actually my needs it’s simple. send and report for result.
So my question is:
+Did it work fine without bugs?
+The channel var (FAXSTATUS,FAXPAGES) is work correctly?

There are people using it, and the dialplan variables get set based on the result from the underlying third party spandsp library. Whether it works for you 100% is a different question that only you can answer.

I used to have a hylafax server on the same machine. Hylafax basically installs a virtual modem for communication. It used to be rock solid provided your outside line were POTS, BRI, or PRI, but I think the program is no longer beeing maintained.

With SIP error correction and some initial negotian steps are not really working because of the inherent latency. It’s better in case you can operate something like a symmetric DSL/fiber line to keep latencies less than 1 ms.

Some connections work, others not and you never know whether the other VoIP setup has screwed up things. Good luck convincing a customer that their fax is no good.

I think a better approach is to use one of these inexpensive ATA devices, where I prefer a Swiss/American brand, and a real fax machine at the end, provided the ping timings are small. If not, don’t do fax.

Unfortunately my customer can’t use with real hardware. The budget is low. and we need send lot of fax in parallel.
I not find simple updated guidance how install the virtual-modems.
the only one is very old and complicated:

I try also: apt-get install t38modem. but it say: not found.

That reason I ask about asterisk itself. if it work fine, it’s can considerate instead Hylafax.

My point was that there is no guarantee that fax messages get transported these days and worst of all, the point of failure might be the other side. The underlying reason is that protocols for line switching are incomaptible with what is possible with packet switching. T.38 would work, but in real life the other side might not want to do it this way and there are a couple of other related problems, like who re-INVITES from plain RTP to T.38.

You simply cannot create the conditions yourself under which fax works nowadays and certainly not with a software only solution.

The matter is, that my predecessor at work leave such system work well (Installed 7 years ago), With T38 and Hylafax and Asterisk. But for some reason I need install it from the scratch. It’s drive me to search how to do so again.

In that case you should have all configuration files, etc. At a later point you might want to decide whether PJSIP should be used instead of chan_sip.

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