Asterisk callerid incorrect when ZAP extensions configured?

I have Asterisk installed with six SIP extensions and three ZAP extensions on a Digium TDM31B. The callerid from both internal extensions and pstn always shows up as the last ZAP extesnion configured. For example, any internal or external call will appear as being from channel 3 if I have three ZAP extensions configured. It appears from channel 2 if I only have to ZAP extensions configured. If I remove all of the ZAP extensions then callerid works fine.

I’ve Googled up the wazoo and searched this forum to no avail… Any ideas?


Anyone? Am I the only one with this problem?

U’re lucky! I can’t get to work CallerID on any protocol (SIP, IAX or Zap ports). Can you send your configruation files that are important to callerID?


I am having this same problem. Was it solved??? I need help, PLEASE.

No, it was never solved. It’s a bit discouraging because the main reason I purchased a $300+ Digium board was for Asterisk compatibility.


I agree with your findings:
CallerID always seems to display the ID of the last station.

Quite a bit of talk about this on, but no resolution yet.

I am also keenly interested in this outcome.