Asterisk - call to two numbers and then unite them

I want to do such thing .

On my web-site i want to put two forms on which user will put 2 numbers.

Then asterisk will call to these numbers separately , and after each side pickup the phone - asterisk will unite them to each other.

How can i do so ?

It`s some kind of webcall , but i need that CRD of these calls were separate, as if asterisk simply call to two separate numbers.

not sure about the CDR bit but you’d probably want a .call file. search for asterisk auto dial out (thats the page name)…

that is the problem , that call file negiates call from local channel - to exten.

I can simulate call via /local extenshin and call will be between to exten. But one of these two exten will be listed in CDR as local it`s not acceptable for me.
Maybe it is possible to maketwo call files. And put them in some cind of meetme or other?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while too but don’t know how to do it…