Adding another phone number on the call file

I am creating a call file for me fritzbox with the following line:
Channel: SIP/624/**9

But with **9 also my fax is answering.
So how can add a few numbers like **621, **622, *623

Can I write them simply with a comma as seperator?

If you want to have a call file call more than one device, you need to make it call a local channel that then deals with the multiple destinations.

Thank you for your fast answer! Do you have an example, how it looks like?

if the case goes to the same destination, yes, if I understand correctly, it can be separated by the character “&” example: exten =>999,1,Dial(SIP/624&625&626&627), In this case, if you call 999, you dial all at the same time, 624-627.

Sorry my english, im still learning =)

When I’ve done this, I’ve always repeated the SIP/ part.

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You are correct, the Technology is needed in the dial string. so SIP,IAX,PJSIP,LOCAL, etc before the endpoint name to call.

It’s the first time that I am using asterisk:

So if I understand it correctly, the call-File ( should look like this:

Channel: SIP/622/**9
Application: Playback
Data: /var/lib/asterisk/nothing
WaitTime: 5

When I copy it from my original path to /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/
the phone rings once a time.

How can I see, which file exists in this path?? With “ls” I can’t get any answer. I have also not the permission to click on this folder.

In my python skript, I have the following code-line:

But when it comes to this line nothing happens and I can’t see the print-statement in the next line. What can I do now?

(I have switched off my fax for this test, when this is working I am going to my problems with the fax)

Do you have a sound file in a format asterisk can play in the /var/lib/asterisk directory named nothing with a recognized extension?

By default asterisk should be able to play any of the sounds in the sounds directory just by specifying the sound to play like ‘tt-weasels’ or ‘lyrics-louie-louie’.

You should be able to do an ls in the directory to see what sounds are installed, If you can’t that’s an issue with your user/file permissions and I’d recommend contacting your system administrator.

Thank you for your answer.
Now I am able to answer you with more details:

If I am writing the following line in the terminal my phones ringes:
mv /home/pi/ /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/

When I write the following lines in the python script, nothing happens

callfilepfad = "/home/pi/"

(I am having no created)

It also doesn’t work, when I am writing the following line:


In both ways the code stops at this line and doesn’t goes to the next print message.