Asterisk Call Forward

Let assume each DID comes with 2 channels.
Could I use Call forward 2 different DID together to simulate 4 channel DID as if it was one?
Main number get calls then forward to 2nd DID if not off hook?

Im asking because I notice alot of DID comes with 2 channels with unlimited mins

By DID, do you means ITSP SIP account?

I don’t understand what you mean by “call forward” in this context. Call forwarding generally uses channels rather than giving extra capacity.

If you have two peers that both connect to the PSTN, and have limited capacity, you can write a dialplan that detects that one has reached its limit, and then tries the other one.

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The number of channels per DID are allotted by your provider, why not request them for multi-channel DID. Probably they would provide you multi-channel DID, if not there are other providers which provide multi-channel DID and that too with only charge of DID per month and not per minute for incomming

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Yes, exactly what I meant.
Lets say I have 2 DID with 4 Endpoints.
The provider each DID comes with 2 channels.
I want to simulate 1 main DID with 4 channels.

Endpoint1, Endpoint2 connected to 4075551111
Endpoint3, Endpoint4 connected to 4075552222

Is it possible to have all clients call my main number 4075551111 check if Endpoint3 and Endpoint4 are off the hook if not Call Forward to 4075552222 if they are off the hook ring to Endpoint1 or Endpoint2

I would prefer that but can you direct me to a provider more competitive than
$4.25 month per DID number with 2 channels and unlimited mins that provides e911 plus is wholesale.

PBX recives call to 4075551111 using 1/2 channels
PBX checks the state of extensions
PBX places call to 4075551111 using 2/2 channels
PBX receives call to 4075552222 using 1/2 channels

You are now using 3 channels for one call.
Now you can’t receive or place calls using your 407555111 trunk and you are using 1/2 the capacity of your 4075552222 trunk.

There is no reason to do this.

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No its not possible

Dont have any DID provider on top of my mind which satisfy all of your conditions.
If you need outbound USA trunk, PM me I have a provider which give rates as low as 0.005 per minute

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