Asterisk BV32 codec support

Hi there,

Does Asterisk support BV32 audio codec ?

Is there any information available for installing BV32 codec in Asterisk ?

Many Thanks

Asterisk does not support such a codec.

Hi @jcolp,

Thanks for your quick reply. I’m talking about the BroadVoice family of codecs.

Can you confirm there is currently no native support for this codec in Asterisk ?

I can confirm that there is no support for it.

That’s easy to confirm by looking at the source code.

Does anyone actually use these codecs. When I looked them up, the Wikipedia codecs summary page linked the main Broadcom article, rather than one about the codec, so it looks to me that no-one has felt it important enough to actually create even a stub article.

My guess is that Opus has become the open source codec of choice, instead.

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