Asterisk Blind Transfer using ARI

Hi guys,

I’m new to asterisk and I’m trying to handle blind transfer using stasis application written in Java using ARI. Is this even possible to control BlindTransfer using ARI because according to my limited knowledge and understanding of asterisk, BlindTransfer is managed by asterisk itself and also I didn’t even found any ARI endpoint which can be used for BlindTransfer. I’m able to receive BridgeBlindTransfer event in my stasis application but not able to process it further down the road.
Edit: I’m using Asterisk v18.8.0

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

There is no synchronous handling of blind transfer. You’re merely told it happened.

Thank you for the quick response. Can you please guide me if I can manually handle this blind transfer scenario using different ARI APIs only or do I need to use AGI to achieve the same

You’d need to specify what you mean by “handles”. The blind transfer should result in a call into the dialplan if I recall correctly, and then it’s up to you. You don’t have control over it besides that.

By “handle”, I mean that I want to transfer all calls to a particular extension & context only irrespective of any input. I want full control over blind transfer. I tried continueInDialplan but not sure what changes needs to be done in dial plan in order to transfer call to a specific extension only.

Do you have an understanding of dialplan and how it works?

As per my understanding of dialplan, Dialplan is used to define how to handle calls, where to route calls if certain input params matches with our dialplan configuration, what will happen (like where will call go) when we dial an extension in a context. Basically, we can control how asterisk will behave when a call lands on asterisk using dialplan.

My feeling is that at least part of the problem here is that you are not using terms in the sense in which they are being understood. I think the first thing to do is to explain the user actions and what you want in more detail, and trying to avoid terms like blind transfer.

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