Asterisk Billing


Could someone please advice on what is the “best” open-source billing app for Asterisk CDR’s with web type interface, which does support pre-paid and post-paid accounts ?

From what I’ve seen to date, most of them seems dead …

Check a2billing: .


Marco Bruni

I have tried to use this right from Version 1.1 till current version 1.3.4 but it never worked for me.

There are still to many bugs in the PHP Agi and the call flow.

  1. The DTMF does not work and you cannot make any calls as the a2billing.php cannot recognize the card number you have entered.

  2. The Account creation process is very cludgy and not very intuitive.

  3. Names like Rate Card, Rate, Call Plan etc are all named without any consistent naming. Ex: List Plans and View Rate Card has List and View as the Prime words.

  4. The relationships between the Trunk, Rate Card, Call Plans are not direct or Hierarchical but somewhere in between, so that you have to go back and forth setup a call plan.

Once these issues are fixed, this probably will be a usable application.

Seshu Kanuri

Agreed. I do not know how anyone is using this in a production mode. While the efforts are to be praised, this is one very user unfriendly app.