Asterisk billing problem


I have serious issue in my asterisk IVR application. The problem is that when user ends his/her call on the phone, we hang up the call in the code and after that the application sends some call summary to one of our server which takes some additional seconds in completion of flow of application. The asterisk when inserting the call details in the ‘asterisk’ database adds the additional seconds to the call duration which is incorrect.

In fact we call the hangup() method of BaseAgiScript in the Java code and the Asterisk should have end the duration of the call logically at that moment.

Can some one please help me out!!!

Are you sure you aren’t looking at the value to records the total length of the call that includes the time it took for the phone to ring before it was answered?

Billsec is the field you want to be looking at!

I seem to remember this being raised on the issue tracker. I don’t know what happened. It could well be considered a new feature request.

Thank you for your responses. Yup, its a new feature. Some how we have handled it through our own game logic. Cheers!